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The company employs highly qualified human resources, who will always do their best to prove they earned the trust rightfully. The company has over 50 professional employees of various profile: bricklayers, carpenters, bar fixers, concrete workers, joiners, electrician, decorator, tiler and support staff, while the company's management comprises:
Bardić Miodrag Owner
Stevanov Jadranka BEc Director
Prčić Ivan C.E. Technical Manager, Building Works Manager
Šmakić Radoje C.E. Building Works Manager
Jenei Janoš C.E. Construction engineer
Grbić Branislav building technician Head of plant and equipment, storage keeper, in charge for safety and health at work
Mag Jožefbuilding technician Foreman
Vojnić Blaškobuilding technician Foreman
Đukić Marina Bookkeeping and administration


A lot of attention is devoted to raising the awareness of each employee in the field of quality management and professionalism. It is achieved by planned trainings.
By the active involvement of employees in shaping business processes and by taking account of the company's objectives and interests, we create an atmosphere of cooperation, mutual trust and belonging to the company.

  tel +381 (0)24 - 601 - 140; 673 - 400
fax +381 (0)24 - 601 - 143
dimitrija tucovića 8, 24000 subotica, srbija
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