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'Expres-servis' Ltd. is also the owner of development lands in Subotica right next to the E-75 main highway, 30m from the Subotica-Bogojevo railroad, in an area of 11.000,00 m2.

There are three facilities, a power substation and the necessary infrastructure: water supply, sewage and gas supply network, hydrant network, telephone connection, asphalt road.

Hall no. 1 of 230 m2  cam - storage, offices and sanitary facilities.

Hall no. 2 of 1.000 m2  cam, height: 6,2 m with power substation and storage area.

Hall no. 3 of 1.350,00 m2  cam height 7 m - storage area.

Hall no. 4 of 1.368,00 m2  cam height 7 m - storage area.

There is a possibility of building the following facilities:
Building no. 5  cam -  commercial building 1.500,00 m2
Building no. 7  cam – commercial and production hall 2.000,00 m2

First and foremost, we are interested in leasing the existing halls, but we are also interested in joint projects, joint ventures and the like.

The following are also available:

- Hospital Business Centre with 6 commercial premises for renting,

- workshop for carpentry and locksmith services within our own warehouse

- plots for the purposes of building residential houses

Continuously extending our activities with new and quality services and harmonising them with the needs of our clients, we tend to earn the trust of our customers, to satisfy their present and future needs and more than that, to surmount their expectations.
  Tel: +31 (0)24 - 601 - 140; 601-141; 601-142
Dimitrija Tucovića br. 8, 24000 Subotica, R. Srbija
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